5 UFO Websites to Avoid Like the Plague

An alien rogues gallery

There are so many bad UFO websites out there picking the five worst is impossible. It’s like trying to find five needles in a haystack big enough to fill a football stadium. Or like trying to pick the five worst songs recorded by hair metal bands in the 1980s. The best I can do is identify some of the dreck and hope others will compile their own lists that include the stinkers we miss.

With no further introduction – as if these epic fails deserved any introduction – here are five lousy UFO websites you should avoid like the plague (but I’ll include links to them for the benefit of the curious) …

 Earth Files

At one time Linda Mouton Howe was a trailblazer. Her groundbreaking research on cattle mutilations set a high standard for others to follow. But as time went on she seemed to become more and more gullible. Especially notorious is her championing of discredited Brazilian UFO cult leader Urandir de Oliveira.

Behind the scenes Howe is known for her pomposity and arrogance, which is ironic given her insistence on promoting garbage stories that wouldn’t be fit to print in the National Enquirer.

 A Different Perspective

A lame, outdated perspective is more like it. This UFO website is the blog of UFO researcher Kevin Randle, who has spent his entire career shilling for the worn-out Roswell story.

Randle is a hard core nuts-and-bolts ET advocate, and while he advocates relentlessly for the hapless and hopeless Roswell case he’s a debunker on alien abduction and the paranormal. In fairness to Randle he isn’t a complete creep like the other website owners discussed here. But his attempts to be “scientific” are badly hamstrung by his chronic lack of imagination.

Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI)

This UFO website is the fiefdom of Dr. Steven Greer, the most universally despised and reviled UFO researcher on the scene.

And I mean universally despised and reviled by other ufologists, not by skeptics. In fact the latter love the egomaniacal Greer because his wildly sensationalistic claims makes it easy to discredit the entire UFO field.

 Bad UFOs

This UFO website highlights the bad research, bad analysis and bad intentions of professional debunker Robert Sheaffer, who moonlights as a regular columnist for the always hilarious Skeptical Inquirer. Bad UFOs is not designed to appeal to anyone with an open mind or a sense of humility, which explains why this UFO website is so popular with the skeptical crowd.

Like most debunking sites Bad UFOs is decent when it’s shooting fish in a barrel (lord knows this field has plenty of them). But when analyzing well-documented UFO reports Sheaffer resorts to the usual assortment of personal insults, reflexive derision and gross misrepresentation of the facts. Incredibly, Sheaffer is so in love with the sound of his own written voice that he maintains a second debunking website called the Debunker’s Domain, which offers even more opinions of the same questionable quality.


Several of his ex-wives have accused Jeff Rense of being a sociopath and who are we to argue? Sociopath or no Rense is a Nazi-loving pathological liar and a repulsive, addle-brained kook who never met a ridiculous UFO, paranormal or conspiracy tale he didn’t like. The dude refers to himself on his website as "an American Treasure" and his heroes are Adolph Hitler and Donald Trump ... need we say more?

A visit to Rense.com is like a descent into the underworld. This pathetic excuse for a UFO/paranormal/conspiracy website is a surrealistic subterranean cesspool of bizarre creepiness and unbridled idiocy wrapped in a repugnant cloak of racist ugliness. Stupid is as stupid does, and any self-respecting ufologist who still writes for this site - or makes appearances on Jeff Rense’s radio show - should be ashamed of him or herself.

Coming Soon …

There are a lot of awful UFO websites out there but there are some excellent ones too, and we’ll take a closer look at some of them in future articles.  

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