Alien on the Loose in Puerto Rico? Department of Homeland Security Captures UFO on Surveillance Video

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Because video and photographic fakery is now so rampant, authenticated visual recordings of UFOs are as good as gold to the modern researcher.

So you can imagine how excited ufologists were when a video of a UFO taken by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (official government footage, woo-hoo!) began to circulate on the Internet. Shot from an aircraft on April 25, 2013, this three-minute infrared surveillance video captures the strange movements of an unidentified object that  buzzed a runway at Rafael Hernandez airport in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

The mysterious intruder was originally spotted by U.S Customs and Border Patrol pilots out on a routine reconnaissance mission. The pilots said they saw a pinkish light of indeterminate size and shape that seemed to appear out of nowhere, and after the object extinguished its illumination (did it notice it was being followed?) they switched to thermal imaging photography to track its movements.

After passing directly over the airport runway the UFO made a beeline for the Atlantic Ocean, plunging into the sea and continuing its trajectory just below the surface of the water. Eventually the object swelled and split in two like an amoeba, and the pair of UFOs continued to travel side-by-side bobbing in and out of the water in coordinated fashion before finally disappearing beneath the surface of the ocean for good.

A team of investigators from the Scientific Coalition for UFOlogy carried out a detailed analysis of the video footage, and they determined the object was 3-5 feet in diameter and was traveling at speeds of 90 - 120 miles per hour during most of its trip. It maintained that speed while moving through the water and when it entered the ocean there was no sign of splashing. In flight the UFO seemed to flip or tumble repeatedly, but its flight path was straight and controlled. Freedom of Information Act requests have verified that something anomalous was picked up on radar shortly before the government pilots saw the object, and commercial flights scheduled to leave the airport were momentarily grounded because of the UFO’s intrusion.

Do Interplanetary Shape-Shifters Even Have Body Cavities?

So what was this UFO? Its small size, quickness underwater and ability to split in two suggests it was not a solid object at all but a self-contained package of energy with shape-shifting capacities.

Could it have been an actual living being of some sort, similar to the sky creatures discovered by legendary UFO researcher Trevor James Constable? They, too, were most visible when photographed with infrared camera equipment.

Regardless of their true identity, if these aliens are smart they’ll avoid any further encounters with the Department of Homeland Security. Capture by that agency could mean full-body cavity searches by overeager TSA agents, and that is not an experience we should wish on anyone. Or anything. 

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