Aliens Called Velons are Controlling Everything! Down the Rabbit Hole with Chris Thomas

The Velons are here

Beneath the horrific, blood-soaked headlines there is a war going on for the soul of mankind. But the combatants are not ISIS, Al Qaeda, the CIA, the Bilderbergers or the international banksters.

Our warped collective consciousness and the wicked behavior it provokes are the result of manipulation by a race of shape-shifting, semi-solid interdimensional aliens called the Velons. In their role as hidden puppet masters the Velons want to eventually clear our planet of all life, after which they will sweep in and claim the Earth as their own.

This idea might seem bizarre, if not outright ridiculous, but according to author and psychic researcher Chris Thomas this is exactly what is happening. Thomas claims he’s gotten his knowledge directly from the horse’s mouth, and in this case the horse in question is the universe’s collective memory banks.


The Akashic Records Reveal All

Chris Thomas says he was born with unlimited access to the infinite-speed, infinite-bandwidth cosmic Internet, which in esoteric Buddhist and Theosophical circles is known as the Akashic Records. Encoded within the Akashic Records are data bits that represent the sum total of all knowledge, all awareness, all experience and all existence – of everything everywhere that ever was, in other words. If it happened in this universe you can find a reference to it in the Akashic Records, the ultimate inspiration for Wikipedia.

Adepts in the mystical spiritual traditions sometimes learn techniques that can help them gain admittance to the sacred mental reading rooms where the universe’s PDF files are downloadable and readable. But for Chris Thomas no exotic instruction was necessary: from a young age he has been able to open the Akashic Records at will, his mind unbounded by the usual restrictions of space, time and physicality.

In his searches Thomas has sought answers to the great riddles of human existence. Like so many of us Chris Thomas has been especially befuddled by the persistence of so much suffering and evil in the world, given the basic decency the vast majority of us seem to possess.

The information Thomas says he uncovered about this situation is mind-boggling in its scope and complexity. According to Chris Thomas we human beings are the cattle of the Velons, a race of space-faring quasi-physical aliens divided into six warring subspecies (of which the Annunaki are the most famous).

As detailed in Thomas’ narrative, each Velon faction is fighting with the others for supremacy over the Earth. They craft devious strategies designed to trick us into surrendering our sovereignty, destroying any possible resistance as they guide us gradually toward complete extinction.

Working through our controlling institutions (the government, the military, the big banks, the corporations, mainstream media, the great world religions, etc.), all of which they have infiltrated, the Velon sects have used their powers of persuasion to blind us to our true nature as spiritual beings. By keeping us brainwashed and stupefied, collectively and individually, they’ve prevented us from uncovering their deception and banishing them to the interdimensional realms from which they emerged some 300 years ago.

Truth or Delusion? You Decide

Chris Thomas has made it his life’s mission to inform us about the bleak future we will face if we don’t become wise to the Velon tricks.

Of course Thomas’ profoundly complex and convoluted macro-cosmology (there is much more to it than what has been described here) may be entirely a product of his own fertile imagination. In fact that’s the most likely explanation. But if you are prepared to have your mind blown and your casual assumptions about reality challenged to the core, the work of Chris Thomas is well worth checking out.    


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