Alleged Human-Alien Hybrid Found Dead in SUV

Alien Human Hybrid

Who was Jeffrey Alan Lash? Was he, as he claimed …

A half-human, half-alien hybrid from parts unknown? A secret government agent who survived dozens of dangerous covert missions? The reincarnation of George Washington? A victim of toxic poisoning at the hands of the CIA? An interplanetary hero on a secret mission to save the world from shadowy, hidden aggressors?

Or was he just a lonely, attention-starved man suffering from untreated mental illness?

The only thing we do know for sure is that Jeffrey Alan Lash (a.k.a “Bob Smith”) has now shuffled off this mortal coil. He fell victim to a virulent cancer that may or may not have originated in a CIA laboratory.

On July 4th the 60-year-old Lash, a resident of Pacific Palisades, California, became violently ill while being transported in an SUV driven by his fiancée Catherine Nebron. His friend and acolyte Dawn VadBunker was also a passenger in the vehicle, and Lash passed away before the women were able to get him to the hospital.

Tragic circumstances to be sure. But then the story took a turn for the bizarre.

Rather than calling the police, Nebron left the SUV – with Lash’s body still in the back seat - parked outside the apartment she’d shared with Lash in Pacific Palisades. She and VadBunker then hightailed it for Oregon, as Lash had instructed them to do in case of his untimely demise. The body wasn’t found until 13 days later, and it took a few weeks before the authorities were able to identify the rotting corpse as Lash.

Nebron eventually returned to Southern California, and while police continue to investigate the case she has not been arrested or charged with any crime. But as of this writing VadBunker is still on the run, scarred by her trauma and convinced her life is in danger from the same rogue operators allegedly responsible for the “murder” of Jeffrey Alan Lash.

Is the Alien Insurrection Coming?

It seems VadBunker and Nebron bought Lash’s claims hook, line and sinker. They really believed he was an human-alien hybrid on a mission to save the world from unnamed evildoers.

Of course all of this sounds like the shared delusion of three people caught up in one man’s madness. But there is an interesting twist to this case that gives one pause. When police searched Lash’s apartment they found a personal stash that included almost a half-million dollars in cash and a cache of guns and ammo worth an estimated $5 million.

This was quite a surprise, given the fact that Lash had no visible means of support. Those who knew him well insisted Lash was not a criminal, drug dealer or black marketer of any type, and police have no evidence to suggest he was.

So who – or perhaps we should say, what – was he then? At the moment no one is sure. But curious minds are looking deeper into this story, and it will be fascinating to see what they uncover.

Stay tuned …  

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