Apollo 14 Astronaut Says Aliens Stopped Nuclear War on Earth

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The official history of the Cold War credits mutual assured destruction, or MAD, with preventing the outbreak of nuclear conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union. But according to one former astronaut, we may have had extra help from above – way above.

Former Apollo 14 crew member Edgar Mitchell, who became the sixth man to walk on the Moon, claims alien intervention helped keep the peace during a time when World War III could have meant the end of everything.

ufo sightingIn his post-NASA career as the head of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Dr. Mitchell spoke to hundreds of insiders in the military-industrial complex to find out what they knew about alien visitation and a possible government cover-up of the extraterrestrial presence. He discovered a significant amount of surprising information through these contacts, including the revelation that UFOs had a long history of interfering with the testing and deployment of nuclear missiles.

According to dozens of military officers, UFOs were frequently spotted, sometimes on radar, whizzing over intercontinental ballistic missiles silos during the Cold War era. And on several occasions these tubular carriers of nuclear hellfire were mysteriously disabled following UFO flyovers, and this happened far too often to be mere coincidence. Furthermore, officers who served on nuclear bases in the Pacific region claimed UFOs had actually sabotaged test missiles in flight, causing them to crash and burn. Over the years military jets were scrambled repeatedly with instructions to intercept UFOs violating U.S. airspace, but the pilots of these objects (assuming there were pilots) easily eluded their pursuers. 

Putting two and two together, Dr. Mitchell concludes the occupants of these craft were sending a message to military leadership, letting them know any attempt to launch their missiles and start World War III would be stopped in its tracks. Reports have leaked out from Russia indicating the Soviets also experienced nuclear sabotage at the hands of sky intruders, so whoever the operators of these “ships” were they certainly weren’t playing favorites.

They Come in Peace?

alienIt is possible Edgar Mitchell has been used as a conduit for disinformation. UFO whistleblowers from the military and intelligence communities are notorious for spreading lies and telling outrageous tales designed to fool the gullible. Therefore revelations like those passed along by Dr. Mitchell should always be taken with a grain of salt.

But Dr. Mitchell is no chump. He has been around for a long time and is well aware of this pattern of misbehavior. And yet he felt comfortable enough with the information he was given to go public, which should make us reluctant to dismiss his reports – or his interpretations of their meaning – out of hand.

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