Are Tales about Tall White Aliens True? Or Just Tall Tales?

The Tall White Aliens

Buried deep beneath the scorched desert lands of central Nevada are a series of underground bunkers that house some very distinguished visitors to the planet Earth. These spartan accommodations allegedly house representatives of an alien species from a planet circling the far-off star Arcturus, 37 light-years distant as the crow flies.

So says Charles Hall, a retired airman who served as a weather observer at the U.S. Air Force’s Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada in the mid-1960s. These aliens arrived on Earth sometime in the early 50s but never identified themselves by any proper name, which is why Hall refers to them only as “the tall whites.”

Who are the Tall Whites?

During his time in the field Hall repeatedly spotted mysterious spacecraft taking off and landing near the Nellis facility. Since he was so close to the action plausible deniability could not be maintained, leaving the Air Force no choice but to tell him about the tall whites so he could be sworn to secrecy.

Hall was eventually taken underground and introduced to the tall whites. He describes them as eight feet tall and blond, with chalky white skin, large blue wraparound eyes, recessed noses and ears and slits for mouths. Their voices are pitched high beyond the level of human hearing and they carry electronic devices that allow them to read minds and communicate telepathically.

Unlike the infamous greys, the tall whites do not abduct human beings for medical experimentation and have no hybrid breeding programs.

According to Charles Hall, the tall whites’ reason for being here is strictly business. They’ve revealed technological secrets to the U.S government in return for copious supplies of certain resources (mostly food and rare metals) that they pass on for trade in the intergalactic marketplace. The aliens come and go from Nellis in small scout ships and occasionally in large, black mother ships  that descend from orbit to pick up and carry off huge quantities of goods (could these be the huge black triangles so many UFO witnesses have reported?).

Interestingly, Hall reports the tall whites have been unwilling to disclose some of their juiciest technological secrets, specifically relating to advanced space weaponry and anti-gravitational flight. They apparently consider us a rather primitive species and don’t believe we can be trusted to act responsibly if given such explosive (figuratively and literally) information.


A Hall of Mirrors

Charles Hall’s tall white tales are available in book form in his five-book Millennial Hospitality series, which is available for purchase on Amazon.  

It should be noted that Hall has offered no corroborating evidence whatsoever to prove his assertions about the tall whites. If he is indeed making it all up – and that is this author’s suspicion – we are left to wonder about his ultimate purpose.

Is he simply trying to make some money and gain some attention? Or is he being paid by the military to intentionally spread disinformation? And if it is the latter, what exactly is the government trying to hide with these fanciful tales of the tall whites? Are these stories supposed to make us think they don’t have anti-gravity ships or sophisticated space-based weaponry when they actually do?

Only Charles Hall – and the tall whites, if they really exist – know for sure.

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