Charting at Number One on the Dunce Hit Parade - Vox Day

Dunce of the week

One of the peculiarities of the Internet Age is the way sociopaths, narcissists, racists, misogynists and card-carrying histrionic lunatics manage to dominate the discussion on so many important issues. In the online three-ring circus you have to be loud and obnoxious to get any attention, and if you add a sizeable dose of stupidity to the mix you’re even more likely to gain a following.

A great example of this phenomenon in action is Vox Day, the “brains” behind the crank website Vox Populi. Among his many accomplishments Day is the only writer to ever be banished from the Science Fiction Writers of America, an action linked to his repugnant behavior rather than his  lack of writing talent (although most critics affirm the existence of both).

Day has accused science fiction power brokers of excluding writers with right-wing perspectives from the “club,” thereby depriving them of the praise and publicity they deserve. He and a group of his fellow far-right travelers on the fringes of the science fiction universe have launched a coordinated assault against the prestigious Hugo Awards, which has never seen fit to recognize the work of Vox Day or the other members of his Aryan alpha-male coterie.

In fact there have been many right-of-center science fiction writers who’ve received acclaim – and major awards – over the years. But somehow that makes no impression on Vox Day and his buddies, who  abhor the science fiction establishment for embracing inclusiveness and multiculturalism in literature while refusing to accept the genetic and cultural superiority of white men of European descent.

Please don’t get the idea that last sentence is loaded with hyperbole or exaggerated for effect. Vox Day, whose real name is Theodore Beale (narcissist writers love pen names for some reason), is quite open about his anti-black, anti-gay, anti-feminist views. He considers those who don’t belong to his racial/gender subgroup to be genetically inferior, and like so many wing-nutters with narcissistic personality disorders Vox Day has tried to portray his ugly, hateful stupidity as a brave stand against “political correctness.”

Vox is as Dumb as a Box of Rocks

We could go on and on about the malignant idiocy of Vox Day. But what matters is that Vox Day has an online following and is taken seriously be a ridiculously large number of people, which shows hom the Internet is dumbing us down, messing us up and turning our society in a harsher and more hateful direction.


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