Conspiracy Researcher Dave McGowan Struck Down by Rare Cancer

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Earlier this year, alternative media fans were stunned to learn that Dave McGowan, a highly-respected researcher from southern California, had been stricken with a rare form of deadly and fast-spreading lung cancer. Right from the beginning the prognosis was grim, and Dave’s family has now confirmed the worst: his cancer has reached the terminal stage and he may only have a few days left to live.

In a field dominated by fakes, frauds, narcissists, sociopaths, shills, bigots and straight-out dumbbells, Dave McGowan has always stood out from the crowd. Dave’s research into alternative history, deep politics and conspiracy has been honest, thoughtful, thorough, imaginative, eclectic, tough-minded and shaped by a genuine concern for the health and welfare of his fellow human beings.

Dave’s approach to alternative analysis is populist, left-leaning and forged in cynicism about the true intentions of economic, government and media elites. His work is known for its humor and the depth of its research, and unlike many conspiracy theorists Dave’s speculations are always backed by established facts and hard-headed analysis of all the existing evidence.

Never afraid to go where others feared to tread, Dave’s work has touched on a variety of fascinating but forbidden subjects, including:

  • September 11, 2001 (Dave rejects the official conspiracy theory)
  • The Moon landings (he concludes they never happened)
  • The Boston Marathon bombings (another hoax, he asserts)
  • The Lincoln assassination (he believes it was the result of a wide-ranging conspiracy)
  • Serial killers (he suspects many were involved in mind-control experiments)
  • Peak Oil (an oil-company inspired fraud, Dave says)
  • The Kennedy Assassination (a coup d'état carried out by government insiders, according to Dave along with just about everyone else)

Recently, Dave’s focus has been on the surprising connection between the military-industrial- intelligence complex and the California rock and roll scene of the late 60s and early 70s. He discussed his theories on this subject in his book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream, which was published in April 2014.


The book has sold well and Dave was invited on numerous podcasts to discuss the implications of his research, which seems to suggest that late 60s youth culture was coopted by a government black op program designed to blunt rock’s political edge and undermine its revolutionary potential.

Tragically, Dave McGowan’s voice was silenced by cancer just as he was enjoying his greatest success. But his previous interviews are still out there, on You Tube, and if you are not familiar with Dave McGowan or his work I would urge you to check it out. If you do you just might learn something.

Dave’s ideas sometimes seemed a bit “out there.” But his conclusions were always based on impeccable research and solid logic. Like all the best researchers Dave had the ability to make you reconsider everything you thought you knew about how the world really works.

If his time with us is indeed about to end, we can say with certainty that Dave McGowan will be sorely missed - but fondly remembered by iconoclastic truth seekers everywhere.

UPDATE: Dave McGowan passed away on Sunday, November 22nd.






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