Of Course Chemtrails are Real

Chemtrails in the sky

Chemtrails are real. To anyone who has been paying attention to the skies – and not letting their skepticism cloud their perception – this is indisputable.

Across the United States and across the world our skies are being whitened. Converted into a hazy, puffy, sickly-looking stew of chemically-induced cotton ball luminosity.

Unlike conventional contrails, which appear as thin, dissipating lines in the upper atmosphere, chemtrails neither fade nor disperse. Released from nozzles on the wings of white tanker jets, chemtrails gradually fan out to cover a broader area of the sky, running crosswise and lengthwise in a grid reminiscent of the crustal pattern atop an old-fashioned apple pie.

Since the late 90s chemtrails have been everywhere. That’s why it’s mindboggling to see conventional scientists and the mainstream media still dismissing them as the demented imaginings of “conspiracy theorists”, their catchall term for everyone who refuses to follow the establishment script.

Simply acknowledging – and repeatedly filming - what’s right over our heads is hardly the stuff of tin foil hatters. Lord knows the conspiracy milieu is infested with more than its share of wackos and neo-Nazi freaks with hateful, asinine agendas. But with chemtrails it’s the more respectable types who deny the undeniable with white hot irrationality. It can’t possibly be true, they claim, as they howl with laughter at all the idiots who choose to believe in what they can see with their very own eyes.

Seeing isn’t Believing, it’s Knowing

This author has first-hand experience with chemtrails. Several years back a chemtrail tanker jet at the end of a run flushed out its tanks in the sky directly over my head. The chemical brew ejected by the pilot left behind a gigantic, billowing mushroom cloud of marshmellow-y muck, which in no way resembled a contrail or any other type of common atmospheric formation.

There was zero chance what I saw was a natural phenomenon. Others have seen similar anomalies connected with chemtrail spraying, square peg sightings that couldn’t possibly fit in the round holes of the “contrails misunderstood” explanation.

And when you see something like this, with your very own eyes, how can you possibly take the smug utterances of the debunkers seriously?


What the Heck are They Doing Up There, Anyway?

In its October 17, 1997 edition the Wall Street Journal published an article called “The Planet Needs a Sunscreen,” written by the famed atomic scientist Dr. Edward Teller. As an antidote to human-caused global warming Dr. Teller called for the continuous seeding of our atmosphere with massive quantities of metallic chemicals known for their reflective properties.

Dr. Teller was powerful, influential and very well connected, and knowledge of his geoengineering plan has led many to conclude the chemtrail program is all about weather and climate modification. Other reports have linked chemtrails to something called “Project Cloverleaf”, a covert geoengineering program that is claimed to have a nefarious agenda (population control, energy weapons research, climate manipulation for the purposes of warfare, etc.).

Smoking gun proof of anything is of course absent. And even on those rare occasions when whistleblowers have appeared their claims have been greeted (justifiably) with suspicion.

Bathing in the Toxic Rain

Whatever the truth might be, unfortunately the Hitler worshippers and the clown-college graduates who’ve hijacked conspiracy research absolutely love chemtrails ("Its Obama! Or Agenda 21! Or the Jews!" ... yadda yadda yadda, you know the drill). This naturally helps discredit the topic, making it virtually impossible for serious-minded chemtrail researchers to get the fair hearing they deserve.  

And the refusal to take the phenomenon seriously may be putting us all at risk. Tests of chemtrail residue reveal evidence of significant heavy metal contamination, which is exactly what would be expected if Dr. Teller’ sunscreen scheme were being implemented. This is not good, since heavy metals are toxic to all life in anything more than minute quantities.

So even if the chemtrail program is designed to stave off global warming, the antidote to our troubles may be slowly poisoning us to death. That would be the classic example of destroying the village to save it; and if we someday discover they’ve been purposely using our atmosphere as a toxic waste dump, we the villagers should storm the government castle with pitchforks lifted and torches blazing.





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