Deciphering the Alien Agenda

Aliens invading

Photo by istolethetv from Hong Kong, China (alien abduction) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Reports of enigmatic unidentified flying objects skipping, spinning, sliding and shimmering across America’s skies – and the skies of every other nation – have been collected in prodigious numbers since the late 1940s. Meanwhile stories of alien encounters and abductions, which began to circulate following the Betty and Barney Hill abduction case in the early 1960s, have only added to the mystery surrounding the UFO phenomenon.

But despite tens of thousands of well-documented UFO sightings, thousands of documented abduction/contactee reports and enormous quantities of tireless detective work by scores of dedicated researchers, the true nature of the alien agenda remains unknown and apparently indecipherable.

Theories and Speculation

Despite the occulted nature of the alien agenda, many brilliant thinkers and highly original researchers have taken a crack at interpreting it. They admit their theories are laced with speculation, but since the aliens refuse to reveal their presence directly speculation is all we have to work with.

Here are some of the more popular ideas about who the aliens really are:

Scientists and explorers from other planets here to collect information about the Earth and its inhabitants

This is how the aliens present themselves.  But the aliens’ “science” often seems far too primitive and repetitive to support this theory. So they may be masking their true identity in order to disguise the real alien agenda.

Inter-dimensional beings

Jacques Vallee’s “control system”, John Keel’s ultraterrestrials, Mac Tonnies’ cryptoterrestrials and Christopher Knowles’ elusive companions are all examples of the inter-dimensional thesis. This theory embraces the weirdness of alien encounters and sees the whole alien agenda as an educational/mind-altering program designed to elicit change and evolution in the human species.

A conquering army in stealth takeover mode

This theory has been popularized by abduction researcher David Jacobs, who believes the alien hybrid program is designed to create an invasion force that will eventually assume control.


Some Eastern religious adepts are alleged to have the ability to create living, breathing thought-forms- called tulpas, which are literally wished into being through intention and focus. Some speculate that “aliens” may be tulpas created by the collective human unconscious, in response to our cultural saturation in alien imagery (through science fiction TV shows, books, comics and movies).

Time traveling “humans” from our own future

According to this theory future environmental catastrophe caused genetic degeneration and mutation in mankind. With their survival at stake and desperate for answers, our descendants traveled back in time (or more correctly, will travel back in time) to change history by warning us about the threat (abductees are often shown images of coming environmental disasters) and to replenish their genetic stock through an ongoing hybridization program.

None of the Above?

These are some of the ideas that have gained traction among students of ufology and the paranormal. Of course all these theories may be wrong and the truth may be something so strange it is beyond our ability to comprehend or conceptualize.




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