Decorated Scientist Claims Extraterrestrials Made the Rings of Saturn

Nasa's pictur of Saturn

Are the rings of Saturn artificial? And is NASA covering up the truth about this astonishing discovery?

According to Dr. Norman Bergrun, the answer to both questions is a definitive yes.

Dr. Bergrun, a highly-honored engineer and research scientist with extensive experience in space science and military technology development, came to this conclusion after studying a series of photographs of Saturn taken by three NASA probes: Voyager I, Voyager II and Cassini, which flew by the planet in 1980, 1981 and 2004 respectively.

After pouring over NASA’s photos with a fine-tooth comb, Dr. Bergrun was stunned to discover a number of gigantic cylindrical-shaped objects populating the interior of its rings. These objects were thousands of miles long and glowed with the intensity of concentrated plasma, yet showed unchanging shape and structure. According to Dr. Bergrun they were all emitting prodigious streams of effluents at a continuous and steady rate.

Based on their geometrically precise structure and the regularity of their emissions,  Dr. Bergrun eventually concluded these cylinders were massive spaceships – “electromagnetic vehicles,” to use his terminology - under intelligent control. He believes these ships are completely responsible for the construction of Saturn’s rings, which he theorizes are a byproduct of the humungous quantities of material they’re discharging into the surrounding space.  The official theory says the rings are comprised of icy water-ammonia particle conglomerations, but that is speculation and not the result of sample analysis (the planet is simply too far away for that).

Dr. Bergrun discussed his investigation of the Voyager pictures in a 1986 book called The Ringmakers of Saturn. Predictably this work has been ignored by the scientific establishment, despite Dr. Bergrun’s prestigious history and long record of scientific achievement. Skeptics occasionally try to debunk his work, but no reasonable explanations have been offered to explain the existence of his “electromagnetic vehicles,” which were still visible in 2004 when Cassini flew by and are also present in some Hubble telescope images of Saturn.

Interestingly, Dr. Bergrun believes the rings of Saturn are not an intentional construct but only an artifact of other spaceship activity. That is why he refers to the rings in one interview as “polluted parking lots.”

The Ringmakers of Everything?

There have been other sightings and photographs of these objects in our solar system, specifically near our Moon, close to Mars, in the faint rings of Jupiter and in the corona of the Sun. If Dr. Bergrun’s suppositions are correct, this may indicate an active extraterrestrial presence operating throughout our solar system.

And that, in turn, raises an intriguing question. If the ringmakers of Saturn are real and have technology that can operate on a planetary scale, what else in our solar system might not be as natural as it appears?

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