Did Google Earth Capture Images of UFOs Landed in Antarctica?

UFOs and tanks in Antarctica

Photo by Google Earth, 2011

While pouring over Google Earth images of Antarctica a couple of years back, Russian ufologist Valentin Degterev struck gold. He found a 2012 snapshot that seemed to show a large, disc-shaped object partially buried in the snow on the surface of our most desolate continent. The object was embedded inside a long, narrow crevice that suggested a crash landing may have taken place, causing the UFO (if that is what it was) to skid after it first hit the ground.


Degterev’s theory didn’t receive much publicity at the time. But the recent re-discovery of another Google Earth image from the same geographical area has resurrected the mystery. In this 2011 picture the unidentified object is still present, but now it is being monitored or guarded by four bulky sentinels that many feel resemble jumbo-sized tanks.


For whatever reason, Google Earth has not photographed this site again since 2012. Some conclude they’ve been prohibited from doing so by government entities determined to cover-up the truth about … something.

Not Everything is a Cover-Up or Conspiracy – Just Most Things

When the tale of these two mysterious Google Earth photos first broke, many UFO aficionados were intrigued and excited. Here, they felt, was some real evidence of UFO-related activity that couldn’t be dismissed as a Photoshop hoax. And even now some lovers of the strange are still talking about these pictures as if they are something amazing.

But there are a couple of facts about this story that should give everyone pause. First, while the crevice surrounding the “crashed UFO” was present in both images, its orientation had somehow changed from one year to the next.  It ran horizontally in 2011 but vertically in 2012, which is hard to explain if the crevice is the lasting remnant of a skidding flying saucer.

Second, further research has revealed the site photographed on Google Earth is actually very close to the McMurdo scientific research center, which is occupied year-round. By human beings who occasionally go outside to do stuff.

The movement of the crevice, combined with the site’s proximity to a scientific research station, strongly suggests an entirely earthly explanation for whatever has been happening on the fast-frozen Antarctic tundra. The “tanks” actually look like buildings more than anything else, and the crevice may be related to some sort of ongoing scientific research project (hence it’s changing orientation). As for the UFO, this so-called “object” may just be a trick of light and shadow, as has been suggested by many who’ve seen the picture.

It’s easy to speculate.  And fun, too. But there’s really no reason to connect these images to UFOs or anything else anomalous. People do live on Antarctica - right next to this supposed UFO crash site, in fact - and wherever people go they do leave visible signs of their presence.  

Unfortunately, even the most level-headed ufologists, conspiracy researchers and paranormalists tend to let their imaginations run away with them from time to time - and this appears to be one of those times.

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