E. Michael Jones: Bigotry in Conspiracy Research Exposed

The Inquisition

Conspiracy researchers are dismissed, and even ridiculed, for refusing to accept the consensus version of reality. But there are many vital truths that remain hidden in the shadows, and we need people with open minds to expose them.

The mainstream media, establishment science and traditional academia are too dependent on the support of the powerful to do that job, and without the involvement of fearless outsiders we would never have a clue about what is really going on in the world.

But with important missions come important responsibilities, and unfortunately only a small percentage of conspiracy researchers appear capable of accepting them. The rest exploit the conspiracy milieu to help them push their agendas and persecute the objects of their petty grievances, and  E. Michael Jones provides us with a perfect example of this divisive dynamic in action.

Who Is E. Michael Jones?

E. Michael Jones is failed academic and self-style defender of Catholicism who started his own magazine to promote his regressive and bigoted ideas.

Jones is the guiding force behind a bile-spewing publication called The Culture Wars, which seeks to expose the ways in which traditional Catholic values (the only beliefs that really matter, according to E. Michael Jones) are subverted by political elites, the entertainment industry, urban planners (that’s a complicated one) and most especially Jews.

Anti-Semitism and the Conspiracy Community

Those who observe the Jewish faith are E. Michael Jones’ primary targets for abuse, which gives him plenty of company among the conspiracy-loving crowd.

After the 2008 publication of his anti-Jewish screed The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History, Jones was embraced by a motley crew of Internet commentators, all of whom who like to use the Jewish people as scapegoats. Jones’ group of jerk wad anti-Semitic supporters includes Henry Makow, Kevin MacDonald, Michael Hoffman, Israel Shamir and Alex Linder - and if you’ve never heard of any of them consider yourself lucky.

Sadly, the pervasive influence of anti-Semitism in the conspiracy community is being used as a cudgel by defenders of the Establishment to bash everyone who labors to expose deeper truths.  The contributions of hate-mongers makes this incredibly easy to do, and E. Michael Jones is gaining a reputation as one of the leaders of this contingent.  

When Crappy Agendas Collide, the Quest for Truth is Derailed                

E. Michael Jones has tried to hide his prejudice behind religion, claiming his criticisms are only directed against the Jewish faith and not against Jewish people per se. But this is a shallow assertion, and it is contradicted by his insistence that Jewish people are waging an underhanded campaign to destroy the Catholic Church and western civilization.

When talking heads in the mainstream media begin babbling about the stupidity of conspiracy theorists, their agenda is transparent – and it has nothing to do with protecting the truth. Unfortunately real-life demagogues like E. Michael Jones give them plenty of ammunition to work with, and that is a problem the alternative research community must come to terms with if it ever expects to be taken seriously outside the ranks of the already converted.

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