Girl Possessed by the Devil after Playing with Smartphone Ouija Board

demonic possession

(Photo By Pollack man34 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)

If there’s one thing every paranormal aficionado knows its that you don’t mess around with Ouija boards. Tarot cards, the I-Ching and crystal balls are all harmless, and if you stand in front of mirror and say “Bloody Mary” three times nothing will happen (trust me, it won’t).

But the Ouija board is a gateway to a whole different kettle of fish. A kettle of piranhas, to be exact, ghoulish entities that will swim up out of the interdimensional ooze through Ouija board portals to rip out your heart and steal your soul.

Yes, no matter how you slice it Ouija boards are bad news. Unfortunately not everyone realizes this, and many young people in particular still think of Ouija boards as toys. Which they are – for energy-sucking vampires and brain-eating demons, along with other nasties you'd never want to meet on a dark night. Or in broad daylight for that matter.

Sadly, 18-year-old Patricia Quispe of Chosica, Peru discovered the truth about Ouija boards in the hardest way possible. While attending a party she downloaded a Ouija board app on her smartphone, and Patricia and her friends had a blast chatting with disembodied spirits and spectral fortune-tellers.

No one took any of this very seriously, but after Patricia got home she started displaying some disturbing behavior. Like shouting, screaming, convulsing and foaming at the mouth – and this was before her parents told her to go upstairs and do her homework.

Sensing this was more than the usual teen rebellion, Patricia’s mom and dad dialed 9-11 and paramedics soon arrived. But Patricia reacted to their ministrations with rage and violence, exhibiting superhuman strength as she scratched and crawled and shoved them away. Finally she was subdued and taken to the hospital, where she battled fiercely to escape her restraints as her deep-voiced, profane guttural utterances echoed up and down the facility’s corridors.

“666!!” she growled with menace, over and over again, as medical professionals tried in vain to calm her.

If a Ouija Board is in the House, its Time for You to Get Out!

After she'd settled down a bit Patricia was transferred to the hospital’s psychiatric ward for observation. This is exactly what we would have expected, given the medical profession’s staunch conviction that so-called cases of “demonic possession” are all psychosomatic and not caused by inhuman forces.

And they may be correct. Perhaps demonic possession is all in the mind, an outgrowth of religious hysteria and the power of suggestion. But then again maybe they’re just talking out of their hats, trying to explain away a dark, scary phenomenon that makes a mockery of their materialist beliefs just as it mocks God and organized religion.

Hundreds of reports of Ouija board possession, backed by eyewitness testimony and video evidence, makes it clear the phenomenon is very real. That doesn’t mean it is caused by outside forces, of course. But even if the demons are emerging from the human psyche they are still powerful and dangerous and nothing to trifle with.


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