Have UFO Reports Really Declined?

UFOs are still with us

Science publications and the mainstream media have officially written off the UFO phenomenon. UFO reports are way down, they triumphantly proclaim, despite the proliferation of cell phone cameras and an unlimited ability to upload anomalous images to the Internet.

If UFOs were alien spacecraft or plasma-based life forms there is no reason why UFO reports would decline so precipitously, they assert, since photographic proof to back up UFO sightings up is now so easy to obtain. Therefore, these skeptics conclude, UFO reports must be down because people know better than to believe in such nonsense in this more scientifically enlightened age.

But as Mark Twain might say if he were here with us today, rumors of the death of the UFO phenomenon have been greatly exaggerated. The claim that UFO reports have declined is not based on fact but on a selective (non) examination of the evidence.

The Game is Rigged

When media figures say UFO reports are down, what they really mean is that far fewer people are reporting UFOs to them – as if anyone would ever think of doing that now.

In the past people would call local TV or radio stations if they saw something strange in the sky, and if the local newspaper found out they might send a reporter out to interview the UFO witness for a feature story in their “Human Interest” section.

Needless to say this would never happen today. In 2015 the mainstream media no longer has any interest in what they see as tin-foil-hat nuttery. Meanwhile the U.S military isn’t collecting UFO reports anymore, and no self-respecting scientist or scientific journalist would be caught dead investigating a crazy story about funny lights bouncing around in the sky.

In truth we don’t know if UFO reports have decreased, let alone sightings. When people do report anomalous sightings it is usually online to organizations like the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) or the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), or to dozens of other smaller organizations that conduct investigations locally and are always on the lookout for good leads. There’s really no way to collect, collate and process this scattered information accurately and comprehensively, making it virtually impossible to calculate how many UFO reports are being made in the United States or anywhere else across the globe.

As for the videos and photos, there are actually thousands of them out there, but no one knows for sure how many are legitimate and how many are photo-shopped fakes. As a result it is harder than ever to figure out what people are or are not seeing in the skies over America.

There are none so Blind …

So are UFO sightings, or UFO reports, really declining? No one knows for sure, and despite their smug self-assurance establishment scientists and science writers know less than most. After all, how can you know anything about a subject you refuse to investigate?


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