Have You Seen the Orange Orbs Yet? Don’t Worry, You Will Soon

the orange orb

Orange orbs are now the most commonly reported type of UFO. We don’t know how or why these glowing, pulsating, shape-shifting blobs of incandescence have risen to the top of the UFO food chain. But in the 21st century they are dominating the heavens and have relegated flying saucers and cigar-shaped objects to the back pages of the UFO magazines. Or at least they would have done that if all the UFO magazines hadn’t gone belly up.

Anyway, orange orbs are the undisputed kings and queens of our skies and they aren’t the least bit shy about flaunting their lofty status. The orbs are materializing above us and around us in every state and in every nation, hogging the UFO limelight and befuddling open-mouthed observers with their seemingly intelligent behavior.


Orange Orbs: Behind the Music

Orange orbs aren’t always orange and they aren’t always orbs. The ‘orange orb’ label is a generalization that fails to capture the immense variety of colors and forms these amorphous flying whatsits are known to assume.

The orbs have demonstrated shape-shifting capacities, which implies they may not be machines in the classical sense. These orbs can be circular, triangular, bell-shaped, bottle-shaped, star-shaped or just about anything in between. They may be yellow, white, pink or red, although orange shades undoubtedly predominate. Their size varies tremendously, and while some are no larger than a beach ball others are said to be 30, 40 or even 100 feet in diameter.

Through voluminous eye-witness testimony we’ve gained quite a bit of insight into the orbs’ characteristics and behavior. Here’s just some of what we know:

  • When seen at close range orbs are sometimes surrounded by a transparent membrane that protects them like a spacesuit.
  • Orbs can shift into stealth mode, moving in and out of the visible spectrum at will.
  • They have been observed sucking up water – by the gallon - from lakes, rivers and the ocean.
  • They move in and out of the water like it’s the most natural thing in the world , flipping back and forth from UFO to USO over and over again.
  • Orbs seem to prefer water that has been contaminated by phosphorus run-off (God knows why, but that’s where they’re often sighted).
  • At full acceleration they’ve been known to blow right by high-speed aircraft, reaching speeds possibly surpassing 1,000 miles an hour.
  • Orbs are highly maneuverable, zipping around corners, hopping over barriers and executing 90-180 degree turns without any sign of deceleration.
  • They show an awareness of their environment, reacting to the presence of people and other living creatures.
  • Orbs are sometimes spotted alone but are often seen flying in geometric formations in large groups.
  • They aren’t the least bit camera shy and have been captured repeatedly in photos and on video.
  • Orbs are sighted frequently in every month except March, when they seldom appear (it’s true, that’s what the data shows).

We know a lot about what orbs do, but almost nothing about why they do what they do. Orbs are the proverbial riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, eluding our understanding even as they taunt us with their ubiquitous presence.

Identifying the Unidentifiable

So what do you think orange orbs are?

Nuts-and-bolts spacecraft surrounded by glowing plasma force-fields? Amoeba that mutated and grew to gigantic size after being exposed to radiation from Fukushima? Super-evolved jellyfish that developed the ability to think, fly and breathe in open air? Holograms generated by top-secret military technology? Earth lights controlled by extraterrestrials? Living creatures from other realities passing in and out of our atmosphere through interdimensional portals? Tulpas from the mind-over-matter realm? Self-illuminating video recording devices sent from the future to observe 21st century idiocy? Spirits of the dead returning to let us know they’re all right? Swamp gas?

Only the orbs themselves know for sure. And they aren’t talking. Or maybe they are and we just don’t understand their language.


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