Hitler Escaped to Argentina, Lived Until the 1960s Sources Claim

Everyone knows Adolf Hitler took his own life in an underground bunker in Berlin at the end of World War II. Right?

In fact there are many who believe Hitler survived. They say he lived another 20 years (on a mountain ranch in Argentina with his wife Eva Braun) before finally dying of natural causes in the mid-1960s.

And surprisingly, there is evidence to back up this incredible assertion.

Only the Good Die Young, but Scumbags Live Forever

Shortly after Germany’s surrender in 1945, a fleet of German submarines approached the Argentinian coastline. These subs were sighted by several witnesses, and it is known that supplies and passengers were off-loaded at some point.

No one doubts this activity involved the relocation of Nazi officials escaping the hangman’s noose. These dastardly characters faced certain execution if they allowed themselves to be captured, and many Nazis fleeing justice were able to find refuge in Latin American countries with German settler populations.

But could Hitler himself have been inside one of these submarines? Here’s what we know …

Item: Shortly after the submarines were alleged to have landed, the U.S. naval attaché in Buenos Aires informed officials in Washington, D.C. that Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun, had just recently arrived on Argentinian soil.

Item: Over the years researchers have collected numerous reports from elderly Argentinians who say they saw Hitler alive and well in 1945. Some of these individuals were employed at the Eden Hotel in La Falda, southern Argentina, which was owned by a German couple who were rabid Nazis and long-time financial supporters of Der Fuehrer. The reports are that Hitler stayed at the Eden for a few days for before moving on to a more permanent residence in the foothills of the southern Andes.

Item: In 1945 the FBI received a report from an Argentinian informant who claimed he was one of four men assigned to pick up Hitler and escort him to safety after his arrival in Argentina. This man fled his country and settled in the United States soon after, and he contacted the FBI to tell them everything he knew. This source confirmed that Argentinian government officials knew all about it and had protected Hitler from capture.

There is no record to suggest the FBI ever investigated these claims. But they did file a complete report that was only declassified in 2014.

Item: In 2009 a University of Connecticut archaeologist traveled to Moscow, Russia to perform DNA tests on bone fragments that were allegedly from Hitler’s skull. Against all expectations, the tests found no DNA match with either Hitler or Eva Braun.  


If the Soviets Lied, it Means Justice was Denied

Here’s a possible scenario.

Perhaps the Russian soldiers who discovered Hitler’s bunker feared reprisals if it was learned Hitler had eluded their clutches (Stalin wasn’t exactly known as the forgiving type). So they concocted the story of his suicide and subsequent cremation as a cover for their failure to bring him back alive. They then grabbed a random skull to carry back to Stalin, claiming it belonged to Hitler when in fact they had no idea who it belonged to. Stalin bought the story, kept the skull in storage and no one was the wiser - until those pesky DNA tests revealed the truth.

This may sound farfetched. But thousands of Nazis escaped justice at the end of World War II, and many found safe harbor in South America among German ex-pat communities. So is it really that outrageous to believe their ranks may have included the most infamous Nazi of them all? 

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