Nibiru is Coming at Us Like a Runaway Freight Train, Say Planet X Researchers

A possible image of Nibiru

Have you heard the news about Nibiru? Also known as “Planet X”, this gigantic celestial object is a hidden member of our Solar System, swinging around the Sun in a long arc and at a leisurely pace. The planet is allegedly inhabited by a race of aliens called the Annunaki, who were identified as gods in ancient Mesopotamian mythology.

Every 3,600 years or so, according to the late amateur mythologist Zecharia Sitchin, this rogue planet comes whizzing by the Earth, close enough for the Annunaki to get here by a hop, skip and a jump to teach us, observe us, dazzle us with their technological tricks and occasionally tinker with our DNA .

The Sumerians and the Babylonians thought they were gods because they had no frame of reference for aliens, and Sitchin says the Annunaki exploited the situation by enslaving us and stealing our most valuable natural resources (especially gold).

In his interpretations of ancient Sumerian and Babylonian texts Sitchin claimed to have uncovered thousands of data points that pointed to an ancient-astronaut scenario as the best explanation for early human cultural development in the Middle East. Evidence to suggest Nibiru was the home planet of the invaders was just as overwhelming, Sitchin wrote (in book after book after book), and he soldiered onward promoting his radical thesis of alien intervention despite being ridiculed by traditional mythologists and the academic establishment.

Planet X = Planetary Destruction?

Some independent researchers are convinced Nibiru will be coming back soon. Maybe any day.

But they fear it will pass too close to the Earth this time, setting off a chain reaction of gravitationally-induced geological catastrophes (pole shifts, crust displacements, massive earthquakes, super-volcano eruptions, etc.). These folks say the Nibiru evidence is abundant, mainly in the form of images captured by NASA and the Hubble telescope that show the planet lurking in the background.

But skeptics have dismissed the alleged Nibiru evidence as poppycock. They accuse Nibiru evidence hunters of misidentifying ordinary objects in space or misinterpreting photographic effects like lens flares. If Nibiru were out there, they say, professional astronomers would have no trouble seeing it or detecting its gravitational effects on the orbits of the outer planets.

Unsurprisingly, pro-Nibiru fanatics are unimpressed by these assertions. They remain convinced the Nibiru evidence is real and that it proves some version of the Sitchin thesis is correct. Furthermore, they say even more Nibiru evidence would be available if the government wasn’t covering it up.


“Trust Us, it Really Is Coming!”

Nibiru enthusiasts first claimed the doomsday planet would make its appearance in Earth’s skies in 2003. When that didn’t happen they changed the year to 2012 to coincide with the end of the Mayan calendar – which turned out to be yet another miss.

At this point there seems to be no good reason to believe in Nibiru or to take the supposed Nibiru evidence very seriously. But that won’t deter the true believers, who’ve invested a lot of energy in promoting this story and aren’t about to admit they’ve been chasing their own tails for years.  

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