Someone is Out There and it May Be Us: Solar Warden and the U.S. Secret Space Program

Solar Warden and the Secret Space Program

When British computer genius Gary McKinnon hacked into U.S. government computers looking for information about UFOs, he uncovered a treasure trove of information. This included photographs and films of UFOs captured by various government sources, along with documents that divulged insider knowledge about the reality of the alien presence.

But in addition to the alien-related material he also discovered something unexpected. McKinnon found repeated references to a secret government space initiative called Solar Warden – and what these disclosures revealed was earth-shaking.

Solar Warden: Facts and Rumors

Based on McKinnon’s discoveries and the confirming testimony of a handful of whistleblowers, here’s what we know (or think we know) about the Solar Warden program …

Solar Warden operates under the authority of the U.S. Naval Network and Space Operation, located in Dahlgren, Virginia. The craft that comprise its Space Fleet were tested and developed at Area 51 in Nevada and are still seen coming and going from this facility on occasion. As of 2005 the Space Fleet included eight cigar-shaped command ships (each 200-300 yards long) and 43 smaller exploration craft.

While the Air Force patrols terrestrial air space the Navy Space Fleet has been tasked with a much larger responsibility: to protect the Earth from any and all threats that might originate in space, from rogue nation-states, renegade factions within the military-industrial-intelligence complex, or alien invaders from outside our solar system.

Solar Warden spacecraft rely on anti-gravity propulsion technology and have intra-solar system exploration capacities. Whistleblowers say Solar Warden operatives have already established permanent bases on the Moon and Mars, and they claim an aggressive R&D program has been launched to develop craft capable of interstellar travel, which would allow us to explore the entire Milky Way galaxy.

A few inside sources claim we’ve already made contact with alien species that monitor activity in our solar system. They say our leaders have surrendered some or our sovereignty to these relatively benign interlopers, in return for protection against hostile aliens that might want to murder or enslave us.

Although Gary McKinnon’s covert research did uncover a real program of some kind, we don’t know for sure if the more outlandish claims made about Solar Warden (all of which come from whistleblowers) are actually true. They may be disinformation designed to mislead investigators and/or discredit their research by linking it to far-out, tin-foil-hattish  humbuggery.


We are the Expendables

While Solar Warden personnel are allegedly assigned to protect the Earth, many who’ve researched the secret space program (its much larger than just Solar Warden) believe it is motivated by a darker agenda.

They say elites have created a shadowy breakaway civilization that could survive nuclear war, economic collapse or environmental catastrophe. Following a SHTF scenario the rich and powerful would be whisked away to start a new life somewhere out in space while the rest of us are left behind to die.

If this is true, and the global elites who run the world know they have a way out should everything fall apart, it would certainly explain why they seem so unconcerned about the poverty, warfare and environmental destruction they have let loose upon the world. If they don’t have to face the consequences of their actions they have no incentive to save the planet - and plenty of motivation to plunder it while there is still time.

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