There May Be Hundreds of Alien Species Out There - or Maybe Only One

The faces and the shapes of a thousand alien species

Ask a casual student of alien contact to list the known types of alien species and the chances are she will rattle off a handful of names. She’ll likely mention the greys, the reptilians and the Nordics, along with a couple of others that may be less familiar to the uninitiated.

But ask a more informed researcher and you may hear something different. She may tell you - with a straight face - that dozens of alien species are here and are interacting with human beings on a daily basis.

She may refer you to an encyclopedia of the types of alien species that has been published somewhere online, filled with an alphabetized list of an astonishing variety of creatures that inhabit scores of planets across the Milky Way galaxy and beyond. She may claim – again, in total seriousness - that these alien species are aligned in a gigantic Galactic Federation that rules the universe but as of now is still closed to humanity (uncivilized barbarians that we are).

Evaluating the … Evidence?

After paging through one of these encyclopedias you’ll likely come away prepared to dismiss the whole phenomenon of alien contact out of hand.

There couldn’t possibly be that many types of alien species visiting the Earth, you’ll say, if there were at least one of them would have landed on the White House lawn and introduced themselves by now, Galactic Federation rules or no. If there were that many types of alien species zooming about there’d be so many UFO sightings even the Amazing Randi and the ghost of Philip Klass would have to admit they’re real – yet honest-to-goodness UFO sightings remain rare.

 And we can’t overlook the silliness factor, either. When alleged insiders, whistleblowers or contactees are asked about the alien agenda, their revelations usually sound like something straight out of a corny science fiction movie. Seriously, when they start speaking all that’s missing are the voices of Mike Nelson, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot in the background making wisecracks.

Nevertheless let’s put aside the skepticism for just a moment. If you listen to the unfiltered, unrehearsed and un-hypnotically regressed testimonies of alien experiencers, it does seem to validate the assertion we are being visited by a multitude of alien species. This testimony is voluminous and can’t be dismissed simply because of its diversity.

Who Are These Aliens, Really?

Between total belief and total rejection there may be a third possibility worth considering. Instead of dozens of types of alien species maybe there is only one. A shape-shifting race that can don whatever cloak it chooses at any time.


This would explain both the absurdity of the alien contact/abductee stories and their ubiquity. It is true, we really are being visited – but our visitors are not extraterrestrials but interdimensional leprechauns who love to play mind games. Tricksters who, for reasons that remain obscure, are determined to confound us, dazzle us, educate us and punk us all at the same time.

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