Wanna Take a Ride through Time and Space? Then Join Project Pegasus Today!

Time traveling into the past and future

Andrew D. Basiago is a successful lawyer from Vancouver, Washington. And if his claims are to be believed he is also the real-life version of Marty McFly, an experienced time traveler and teleportation practitioner who has journeyed far and wide across time and space.

Time travel and teleportation are the stuff of science fiction, and few believe either is possible. But Andy Basiago claims the U.S. government has been sending travelers on improbable voyages using these impossible technologies for more than four decades.

Furthermore, he says he was in on the action right from the beginning, when he participated as a child in a secret Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) called Project Pegasus. Following careful training and preparation, young Andy Basiago was transported through the interdimensional portal that connects every point in the time-space continuum, becoming the first child to successfully teleport to a distant location at a remote time.


Over the course of his career as a DARPA teleporting time traveler, Basiago says he visited many famous locations and witnessed many historically significant events, including Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and his assassination at Ford’s Theater in 1865. Even more significantly, in the 1980s Basiago was sent to Mars as an ambassador representing the U.S. government in their dealings with the indigenous inhabitants, who were driven into underground following the destruction of the planet’s atmosphere millions of years ago.  

During his travels to the red planet, Basiago claims he met another U.S. representative named Barry Soetotos, who had also been sent through time and space to confab with Martian bigwigs. It wasn’t until later that Basiago discovered the name “Barry Soetotos” was actually an alias, and that the real name of the fellow time traveler he encountered during his Martian travels was none other than the future President of the United States, Barack Obama.

If this is true, it is hardly surprising that the Obama Administration has continued the Project Pegasus cover-up. In order to reverse this travesty, Basiago has taken the Project Pegasus name and recycled it as the moniker for his campaign to convince the government to disclose the truth about time travel and teleportation. Basiago believes these revolutionary technologies should be used for the benefit of humanity as a whole and not just for the benefit of the government and the military-industrial-intelligence complex.

Marty McFly for President!

To help make his version of Project Pegasus a success, earlier this year Andrew D. Basiago announced he was running for President of the United States as an Independent. While he knows his candidacy is a long-shot (to put it mildly), Basiago hopes he will eventually get enough attention to bring the time travel/teleportation issue to the forefront of the political debate (good luck with that).

Of course if Andrew Basiago really can time travel and teleport it seems he could prove it rather easily by publicly demonstrating his abilities. The fact that he hasn’t done so would tend to suggest his claims are more imaginary than real, if not a straight out lie designed to get publicity and attention.

But then again most of the attention he has gotten has been in the form of derision and ridicule. So if he did it for the publicity he must be something of a masochist.    


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