What are the Mysterious Trumpet Sounds Being Heard in Earth’s Skies?

Trumpets in the sky

In many different countries mysterious metallic moaning noises have been heard echoing across the sky, frightening the populace and sending animals scurrying for cover. Sourceless, spine-chilling and unceasing, the loud unearthly wailing has left onlookers flabbergasted, unable to comprehend the meaning of these reverberating aural emanations that seem to materialize out of thin air. Many listeners have compared this aerial moaning to the sound of a blaring trumpet, a description that has left evangelical Christians speculating about the beginning of the End Times.

The most recent manifestation of this phenomenon took place on the evening of September 11 in the skies over Jakarta, Indonesia. Several recordings were made of the haunting sound, which was heard by multiple individuals between the hours of six and seven PM. Social media in Indonesia was abuzz with chatter about this event all evening, but logical and convincing explanations were not forthcoming.

The first known example of these booming sky-trumpets in modern times was reported in Belarus in 2008. The same phenomenon has been heard – and recorded – in the United States, Canada, Australia, Iceland, Ukraine, Germany and Colombia – and likely in other places as well, these are only the locations we know about.

Some of the suggestions offered to explain the trumpet noises include hoaxes, trains, airplanes, power machinery used in construction, factories, tectonic shifting in the Earth’s crust, the wind, the Earth’s natural radio emissions and secret government testing of exotic weapons. Any or all of these could explain some of the occurrences, and skeptics have revealed a few instances where prosaic causes were discovered. But this is the exception rather than the rule, and so far no one has come up with an alternative theory that covers all the remaining anomalous events.

The Coming Donald-ocalypse?

The Book of Revelations isn’t everyone’s kettle of tea. But it does contain a prophecy stating trumpets will sound in the heavens when the Apocalypse is on the horizon. These celestial instruments are to be blown by angels, as a sign of their disdain for the wickedness and depravity of mankind. Following the blowing of each trumpet the angels will unleash one in a series of supernatural plagues meant to scour the Earth. In the end Jesus will return and only the righteous will survive – the truly righteous, not the phonies who’ve coopted God and the Bible for their own benefit.

So if these latest reports of trumpets are correct, something ghastly, horrific and unspeakable may be just around the corner.

Like the election of Donald Trump as the President of the United States, perhaps? It’s certainly hard to imagine anything more horrifying than that. After all you can’t have a trumpet without the trump, so the connection makes sense.

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