Where Did the Martians Go? Aliens Wiped Them Out with Nukes, Claims Scientist

aliens on mars

The discovery of water on Mars has fueled speculation that life may exist there. Of course mainstream scientists assume this means microbial life, since plants and animals could never survive in the inhospitable Martian atmosphere.

But one scientist thinks large-scale life did once exist on Mars, including “people” (Martians! little green men and women!) who lived in organized societies.

Actually there are many scientists who think this. But what makes the claims of Dr. John Brandenburg so unique is his theory about what happened to that lost Martian civilization.

Dr. Brandenburg, a plasma physicist with a history of involvement in weapons research, is convinced Mars’ previous inhabitants were wiped off the map by a pair of massive one billion megaton thermonuclear explosions. And furthermore, he believes hostile alien invaders were responsible for this crime against humanity (or more correctly, Mars-manity). Brandenburg claims this event occurred between 250 and 500 million years ago, and its impact was so severe that it sucked all the breathable oxygen out of the planet’s atmosphere (thus explaining Mars’s currently uninhabitable state).

He bases his theory on the discovery of radioactive elements in the planet’s soil and remaining atmosphere, including a radioactive isotope known as Xenon – 129, which is a byproduct of hydrogen bomb explosions. On the Martian surface he’s identified a “Ground Zero” region from which radioactive dust contaminated with uranium, thorium and radioactive potassium may have been spread by wind across the planet, poisoning and reddening the landscape.

This type of dust is not the sort of thing you’d want to sprinkle on your morning Corn Flakes, to be sure. Unless you wanted to die in about three nanoseconds.

Strange Faces in Strange Places

There is evidence that intelligent life did once exist on Mars. Naturally mainstream scientists don’t accept that evidence. But open-minded researchers examining NASA photographs have spotted numerous geometrically-precise shapes and alignments on the planet’s surface, most notoriously in the region known as Cydonia. That would be the home of the famous (or infamous depending on your perspective) “Face on Mars".

Cydonia and its pyramid complex

This evidence is in the form of gigantic stone monuments, and Dr. Brandenburg equates these structures with artifacts left by the ancient stone-building cultures of Earth (Stonehenge, Easter Island, Baalbek, etc.). Brandenburg therefore concludes the Martians wouldn’t have been technologically advanced enough to bring about their own destruction in a nuclear holocaust, so the only option left is alien intervention of the cruelest and most cataclysmic kind.


Will the Aliens Return? We Better Hope Not

Brandenburg discusses his theory in a book called Death on Mars: The Discovery of a Planetary Nuclear Massacre, which was released in February 2015.  His daring hypothesis has made him the meat in a skeptic’s sandwich, criticized on one side by debunkers who toe the establishment line (“Face on Mars? What Face on Mars?”) and on the other side by mavericks like Richard Hoagland, who believe Martian society existed but was advanced enough to destroy itself without any help from aliens.

But if Dr. Brandenburg is right about the aliens it raises several important questions. 

Such as why did they do it? And where did they go? And will they return at some point to cleanse the Earth of its indigenous life forms, too? 

Keep watching the skies, people.



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